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Calls for children’s health to be a government priority after election

Child health experts have called for the UK’s next government to introduce bold policies to prioritise the health of youngsters.

The Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health (RCPCH) had commissioned a study, which was conducted by ComRes, to secure the opinions of 2,118 adults in Britain regarding the wellbeing of children.

It was found that the banning of TV ads that promote foods high in sugar, salt, and fat from being aired before 9pm is supported by two thirds of those polled, while lessons in nutrition and cooking in school are popular with 90% of the respondents.

The public also voted for their top three health priorities that they felt the government should tackle. These were to provide a health service for young people and children, to reduce the rates of cancer in youngsters, and to lower the rate of death in children. It was reported that they also wanted a reduction in child obesity levels and for their mental health issues to be a priority.

The president of the RCPCH, Dr Hilary Cass, called on the new government to prioritise the health of children in the UK. One of the measures that has been called for is to tax foods that have high levels of salt, sugar and fat in them.

Many British schools are already tackling the problem of child obesity by encouraging pupils to eat healthy foods. This is done in conjunction with the provision of business enterprise ideas for kids in Leicestershire and other locations across the UK.

Posted by Mark
March 11, 2015

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