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Calls for education system to provide entrepreneurial skills

According to a recent report produced by the enterprise advisor for David Cameron, schools are being urged to help children to develop their entrepreneurial skills so that they can succeed in the future.

Lord Young recently produced his report ‘Enterprise for All’ to suggest the creation of a programme of advisers from local businesses to mentor students.

The former cabinet minister wants to build entrepreneurial skills in all children, from primary school children to university age. There are many initiatives that are currently active in the education system and the report highlights some of these.

The paper makes a recommendation for ‘enterprise advisers’, who will work alongside schools and colleges to help children to build the necessary skills. According to Lord Young, there are 4.6 million self-employed people in the UK and half of those businesses have created around 780,000 new jobs during the previous year.

Lord Young added that the initiative is about more than children becoming entrepreneurs, as it involves encouraging a positive attitude and building confidence to develop career interests and skills. The programme will present opportunities for head teachers to call on experts from local businesses who can help them achieve more from enterprise schemes.

Some of the schools in the UK are already working towards building entrepreneurial skills by encouraging business enterprise ideas for kids. Leicestershire is just one area that is helping students to develop skills and build confidence, so that they are prepared for the world of work.

Posted by Jennifer
July 4, 2014

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