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Calls for parenting classes from leading doctor

Education should be offered to every parent so that they can be taught how to raise their children correctly, as well as to avoid a range of issues, according to a leading British expert.

The move is aimed at halting the increasing number of children who are suffering from stress, obesity and underachievement.

According to Professor John Ashton, the Faculty of Public Health’s President, programmes need to be introduced across the UK in order to protect the most vulnerable members of society: children.

The Professor stated that radical changes were required in lifestyles, in order to introduce healthier habits from birth. Ashton said that he had a particular concern for children facing psychological pressure, resulting in teenagers self-harming and others who are seriously distressed.

During an interview with The Telegraph, the doctor called for telephone helplines and parenting classes to help the guardians of young children and to support parents who had teenagers “going off the rails”.

Another suggestion was to introduce meditation at school to create a respite from the daily chaos surrounding them. The doctor also suggested that the Government introduce taxes on high-sugar foods and minimum prices for alcohol. One of the main problems, according to the Professor, is child obesity, which can lead to diabetes, heart disease and other conditions, costing the NHS billions.

Schools in the UK have already made an effort to tackle the problem of childhood obesity, with many introducing extra physical activity, nutritious school meals, and a healthy school tuckshop. Tyne and Wear is one of the regions that encourages schools to provide healthier alternatives wherever possible.

Posted by Mark
January 26, 2015

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