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Celebrity chef tells parents to cut out junk food

Chef Jamie Oliver has called for parents to slash the amount of junk food their children are eating, to improve their chances of living a long life.

According to the TV cook, children could increase their life span by 11 to 13 years, just by reducing the amount of junk food they eat. Oliver added that children aren’t born craving unhealthy foods, so it is the duty of parents to encourage them to eat fruit and vegetables.

Oliver also called for councils to ban junk food outlets from being close to schools, introduce a sugar tax, and invest the money raised into food education.

The appeal from Jamie Oliver was made following the release of alarming statistics recently, indicating that 10 per cent of children starting primary school are obese and 20 per cent of youngsters are obese when they leave primary school. Studies show that overweight kids are more likely to be obese or overweight as adults, increasing the likelihood of them developing conditions like diabetes, heart disease, osteoarthritis and cancer.

Experts are in agreement with the celebrity chef, explaining that it is a parent’s responsibility to prevent obesity in their children. Oliver stated that learning how to prepare and cook healthy fresh meals will save money and potentially increase children’s potential to reach an old age.

Schools in the UK are trying to encourage healthier eating with the addition of a healthy school tuckshop. In Lincolnshire, many have introduced healthy school meals and alternatives to sugary treats during breaks and lunch times.

Posted by Jennifer
December 23, 2014

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