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Fruit company the latest on board with Sesame Street scheme

Citrus brand Sunkist has joined a themed packaging initiative in order to promote a healthy diet to children, helped by some of their favourite TV characters.

The ‘Eat Brighter!’ programme, a partnership between the Produce Marketing Association (PMA) and the Sesame Workshop, is an effort to make fruit more appealing to youngsters. The Sesame Workshop produces the popular and long-running kids’ programme Sesame Street, hence some of the stars of that show featuring on the packaging.

With the citrus season now underway in the Orange County states of the U.S., Sunkist has unveiled newly packaged bags of oranges and mandarins in keeping with the theme, as it looks to tackle childhood obesity and children’s fondness for junk food.

Ironically, one of the most iconic Sesame Street characters is Cookie Monster, the fuzzy blue puppet who would noisily eat scores of biscuits. It seems, however, that he and some of his fellow Sesame Street residents have had a dietary rethink and are now promoting such goods as clementines and carrots rather than chocolate chip cookies.

Elmo, Big Bird and the Monster himself are among the characters involved in the initiative. As the products started to be seen on American shelves earlier this year, they may soon be available as healthy tuckshop snacks in Tyne and Wear, Merseyside, and other parts of the UK.

The scheme is looking to capitalise on statistics showing that children are very impressionable towards marketing. Research by Yale University five years ago revealed that kids snack more often when exposed to food advertising, so it is hoped that the scheme can use this technique to have a more positive effect on their diet and health.

Posted by Jennifer
October 10, 2014

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