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How to get kids to eat fish

Fish is a good-quality, low-fat source of protein. Using it, you can make fast, yet very healthy meals for your kids.

Here are our ideas to help you make fish a tasty treat, rather than something that’s just pushed around the plate:

Fish fingers

Kids seem to love fish fingers, but if you are worried about feeding your children processed foods, homemade fish goujons are an excellent alternative. They are quick and easy, going down just as well.

Fish paste or pate

Most kids who do not like fish will happily eat homemade fish paste. You just have to blend the fish in a processor with a little crème fraiche, lemon juice, and a small knob of butter. It goes a long way and you do not need much butter, so it is not that fatty.

Oily fish is best for pates, as white fish does not really work. Use it in sandwiches, on toast or as a dip.


Making small fishcakes is a good way to get your children to eat them. You can mix in vegetables and adapt them to your child’s tastes by varying the herbs or spices you use.

Fish kebabs

Small cubes of fish are more appetising to children than a fillet, while kebabs are also more fun to eat. You can alternate the fish with vegetables or cubes of fruit that you know your children enjoy.

Fish stews and pies

Stews and pies take longer, but if you know that your children like them, why not use fish instead of meat. The chances are that they will eat and enjoy a fish pie or stew just as much as a meat-based one.

Bear in mind that children under 16 should not eat swordfish, marlin or shark, as the mercury can adversely affect a child’s nervous system. In addition, girls should not eat more than two portions of oily fish per week.

Posted by Susan
November 3, 2014

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