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Health experts call for compulsory weight checks

British specialists have stated that regular weigh-ins should be introduced for all men, women, and children to halt the rapidly increasing levels of obesity.

The National Obesity Forum (NOF) has also claimed that the rising costs of such health issues could cause the National Health Service to fold, a threat that is increasing as people appear to be unaware of their size.

A report released by the NOF has called for adults to be weighed on a regular basis, while children should be monitored every year. According to the group, the problem with weight in Britain is now at a crisis point, with only Hungary being worse for rates of obesity in Europe.

The chief executive at Public Health England has labelled the recent figures as a tragedy, as data showed that by the age of four or five years old, 22.5% are already overweight. By the time that the children move to secondary education at the age of 11, this figure has increased to 33.5%.

Pupils are weighed when they start at primary school and again when they are in Year 6, just before heading off to secondary education. Tam Fry, the spokesman for NOF, points out that this leaves six years for children to gain weight and become obese, whereas annual weigh-ins may reduce this figure.

Many regions are playing a role in the action against obesity by introducing school tuckshops. Lincolnshire schools stock their tuckshops with healthy alternatives to sugary, fatty snacks, helping to make more nutritious choices and prevent unnecessary weight gain.

Posted by Jennifer
January 20, 2015

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