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Montana kids tackle obesity with a video camera

Children in Billings, Montana, have been taking part in a video competition that aims to fight against rising levels of child obesity.

As part of the Overcome Childhood Obesity campaign, organised by Billings Clinic, students have been creating videos that will help to tackle the problem. The winning film features a girl carrying a 5lb bag of sugar, chasing her younger sister down the road. The weight of the sugar makes the chase much more difficult.

Leila Ornsby and her sister, Emma, aged seven and five respectively, are shown in the film with the older sibling carrying the bag of sugar whilst chasing the younger one. Leila said:

“That might be what would be inside of you. You might feel really heavy. It felt really heavy for me and I thought that might be how I would feel if I was obese and I wouldn’t want to feel like that forever.”

According to Leila, the girls asked their friends, family and neighbours how they would feel if they were obese. The girls also considered wearing fat suits, but the bag of sugar delivered the message with a powerful impact. Claire Kenamore, a paediatrician at Billings Clinic, launched the contest with the hope that the kids of Montana would be innovative.

Countries all over the world are looking at ways to fight against the increasing levels of child obesity, including the UK where schools are introducing business enterprise ideas for kids. Leicestershire is one region that is encouraging students to set up tuckshops to provide a range of healthy snacks, while encouraging healthy eating and building entrepreneurial skills.

Posted by Mark
July 10, 2014

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