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Nine-year-old questions Deputy PM over meals plan

Following the introduction of free school meals for children aged four to seven years old, Nick Clegg faced a grilling by someone who claimed to be a young boy.

According to the supposed nine-year-old pupil, the results of the free school meals project were unimpressive.

The call was recently made to the Deputy Prime Minister on his Call Clegg radio show on LBC. The alleged child, who called himself Rohan, claimed to be calling from south London. However, the eloquence of the caller left Clegg and others wondering whether it was actually a hoax call by an opponent in the world of politics.

According to the Deputy PM, schools all over the UK have agreed to deliver free school meals, although a number of head teachers complained that they have had to take money from other areas of the school budget to fund the project.

Rohan was reportedly not impressed by the change, saying that his previous school had to use the gym for school meals, meaning that others wouldn’t be able to use the area for lunchtime activities. He also alleged that the food served at the school was unhealthy.

Clegg emphasised that evidence indicates that children who eat a healthy meal at lunchtime will perform better in class. He also stated that free school meals would save parents money and be healthier than many packed lunches.

In line with these ideals, many British schools are introducing healthy tuckshop foods, with Tyne and Wear just one of the regions trying to encourage nutritious eating for students.

Posted by Mark
September 14, 2014

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