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Obese teens will ‘earn less’ than slim counterparts

According to recent studies conducted in Sweden, teenagers who are overweight are more likely to earn less as adults than those who are slimmer.

Swedish researchers compared data obtained from the UK, the US, and Sweden to see how obesity in childhood would affect future earning potential. The study focused on males and discovered that boys who were obese would be likely to earn 18% less than their thinner friends.

Other studies have revealed that obese children are more likely to suffer from low self-esteem, as well as be bullied and discriminated against by teachers and their fellow students. Previous research of obese female teenagers has already revealed that young girls who are overweight are more likely to earn less as adults.

The study also showed that the principle did not apply if a man gained weight during the later years of his life. The researchers added:

“Our results suggest that the rapid increase in childhood and adolescent obesity could have long-lasting effects on the economic growth and productivity of nations.”

According to the scientists, the study also supports the argument for governments to intervene when dealing with child obesity problems, as children are unlikely to consider the potential impact of their weight on future prospects. The researchers also believe that the introduction of government policy now would reduce healthcare costs, as well as inequality and poverty in the future.

UK schools are already taking action against child obesity, with many introducing increased exercise and nutritious options, including healthy tuckshop food. Tyne and Wear is among the regions that are participating in the drive.

Posted by Susan
September 29, 2014

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