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Pizza blamed for childhood obesity in America

According to recent research conducted at the University of Illinois, pizza could be the main cause of obesity in US children.

The study revealed that on the days when children ate pizza, the total amount of calories, salt, and fat consumed increased, in comparison to those days when the food was not eaten. However, the team discovered that pizza eaten as a main meal was healthier than when eaten as a snack.

Although the total calories, fat, and salt increased on days when children consumed pizza, the numbers were significantly higher for teenagers.

Every day, according to the study, 22% of children who are aged 6 to 19 in the US consume pizza, which is a higher proportion than toddlers and adults.

Lisa M. Powell from Chicago’s University of Illinois said that rather than just reducing the level of pizza consumption, it may be more practical to improve its nutritional content as well. The levels of saturated fat, sodium, and calories remained consistent in school meals, whether pizza was on the menu or not. However, researchers believe that this is because the other food on offer did not have a higher nutritional value than pizza.

Many schools in the UK are working hard to improve children’s diets, including the introduction of healthy school tuckshops. Lincolnshire is one of many regions encouraging a healthy diet for students.

Nutritionists in the US are concerned about the high consumption of salt by American teenagers, as 5% suffer from high blood pressure.

Posted by Mark
February 2, 2015

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