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Roman councillors argue about European cuisine for school meals

It is not just in Britain where parents worry about what their children eat, as a number of schools in Italy have also been dealing with food complaints.

These concerned plans to serve up classic dishes from 15 European nations. All reportedly went fine until a Belgium meal was served: chicken cooked in beer.

The beer-braised poultry was prepared using non-alcoholic beer, but teachers and parents were still displeased. Councillor Alessandro Onorato said that it was a serious matter, with a meeting arranged between representatives of the 15 European countries’ embassies and parents.

The alternative menu has been served up for the last few weeks, with a variety of traditional dishes from each country being served, including Hungarian goulash and Spanish paella. Around 145,000 children had been enjoying the meals at primary and middle schools, along with nurseries.

Onorato said that parents had also complained that northern Europe portions were too small and children were going hungry, before adding:

“Thousands of children in the Italian capital, which has a food history known throughout the world, were eating hot dogs. Madness!”

Councillor for schools, Paolo Masini, argued that the pupils were really enjoying the European dishes, especially the British classic fish and chips, although it is cooked using a healthier method by being lightly fried before oven baked. Masini said that an Italian dish had been introduced from January, a plate of pasta.

Although it can be difficult to serve healthy meals that are appetising to children, educators in the UK are introducing nutritious alternatives, including through school tuckshops. Teesside schools are amongst those in this initiative.

Posted by Jennifer
March 1, 2015

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