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School uniform sizes increase in line with rising child weight

Pupil’s uniforms are now being manufactured in a range of larger sizes, to accommodate the increasing levels of child obesity.

Stockists in the UK are supplying trousers up to a size 50in waist and blazers up to 54in. Stores on the high street are also responding to the huge demand for larger sizes in children’s clothing.

The expanded school trousers are provided by Sturdy Kids, an online vendor. According to official data, 10% of children aged between four and five years old are obese, with almost 20% of pupils starting secondary school also classed as overweight. Over a third of children in year six are considered to be obese.

A survey was recently conducted by The Sun newspaper to discover the largest sizes supplied by retailers. Since 2012, the biggest trousers on sale had increased by eight inches, with the chest sizes available for blazers increasing by two inches. When approached by the paper, Professor David Haslam said that the garments would not have been available in the near past and that the retailers were responding to an increased demand for larger sizes, created by “the obesity epidemic in kids”.

Schools all over the UK are taking action by introducing nutritious snack options and increasing activity levels for students of all ages. Just one of the measures introduced to fight child obesity is the introduction of healthy tuckshop foods. Lincolnshire currently has 25.4% of 10 to 11 year olds who are classed as obese, so the help would be welcomed.

Posted by Jennifer
August 20, 2014

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