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Simple ways for mums to make money using moulds

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make some cash while having fun, this article is very much for you. Here we are going to tell you how to use silicone moulds to make a range of objects that you can sell, which would be great as a part-time business for busy mums.

Making moulds is easy

For starters, creating moulds is not a hassle at all, as you can easily buy the materials that you need online. Once you have the components, all you have to do is shape the mould. Once it has set, it is ready for use.

What can you make?

Due to how moulds work, they can be used to create many different shapes and products, including ornaments for the home or garden, resin jewellery, printing stamps, candles, and soap.

If you buy the right kind of silicone moulding materials, you can use them to also make nutritious foodstuffs. Why not use the moulds to create healthy versions of cakes and biscuits? By adding fresh fruit, you can create lollies, sorbets, lollipops, and jellies, all of which would go down a treat with kids.

You can either sell what you produce or make sure that the snacks your family eat are as healthy as possible.


Another idea is to run fun events for kids using plaster casts that you have made. Plaster cast painting parties are very popular, as all you need is the space. By charging a little more than the cost of the materials, you will soon be making money.

Any stock that you do not use can be saved for the next party, or you could paint it yourself and sell it as ornaments.

With mould making, you are only limited by your own imagination.

Posted by Jennifer
October 30, 2014

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