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Unusual foods being ‘recommended’ for children by NHS trust

A leaflet issued by Poole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust recommended that parents feed their children crisps and chocolate from around eight months of age.

The guidance was issued to parents of children attending a feeding clinic, to help conquer such problems with eating. However, experts have raised concerns that this method may encourage children to eat junk food from a young age.

According to Dave Munday, who works alongside the Community Practitioners’ and Health Visitors’ Association, children should be fed healthy foods that are not likely to cultivate bad eating habits. He added:

“There are lots of foods out there that you would try before the foods being suggested in this leaflet.”

The snacks that are recommended to encourage the biting and dissolving of food are Quavers and Wotsits, among others. If a child is able to suck food, Milky Bars and Crunchies are recommended.

Amid the raised concerns, the advice has been defended by the director of nursing at Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Tracey Nutter, who stated that the leaflet was just one of a few that had been given to the parents of young children experiencing significant problems with feeding and moving onto solid foods.

A spokesman for the British Dietetic Association said that although giving sugary food was not usually advised, it may be appropriate in some cases of children attending a feeding clinic.

Schools in the UK are attempting to encourage more nutritious alternatives with the introduction of healthy tuckshop foods. Teesside is just one region where schools are encouraging a healthier diet for children.

Posted by Mark
December 26, 2014

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