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US fitness group launches list of nutritious snack foods

A list of healthy treats has been released by the Mecklenburg County Medical Society Child Health Group.

The North Carolinian organisation aims to encourage parents and sports organisers to provide nutritious post-game snacks.

As many of the drinks and foods offered during and after a game are full of sugar and fat, children often consume the same amount of, or even sometimes more, calories than they have burned during exercise.

Most children are given a snack following bouts of exercise, but according to a paediatrician, Anne Walker, many of the chosen treats are unhealthy and offer empty calories. Walker is a member of the children’s health group, which, together with around 1,300 other physician members, has compiled a list of alternative snacks that are tasty and nutritious.

The Mecklenburg County Medical Society provides education and access to health resources in the local community, which includes the snack list. According to Walker, disorders including diabetes and heart disease are related to unhealthy foods, so the list is designed to offer alternatives to parents.

Another volunteer with the children’s group, Dean Brodhag, said:

“This list may be just a push to confirm that and affirm the good behaviour.”

Walker, who has children, took various items from the list to a swimming session, including cherry tomatoes, blueberries, and watermelon, which was cut into the shape of a lotus flower. This encouraged interest and conversation from the other parents and children.

Schools in the UK are already offering healthier options to students within the school tuckshop. Lincolnshire is one of the first regions to foster nutritious eating in this way.

Posted by Susan
August 14, 2014

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