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Why you should wash fruit before eating?

Consumers are always told to wash their fruit before they tuck into it, but why is this? Why does something as natural as fruit need to be cleaned?

Here are a few reasons why it is highly advisable to wash fruit:


Most fruit trees and plants are sprayed, at some point, in the growing process. Even organic farmers have to spray their plants occasionally. They use organic pesticides, but you still need to avoid ingesting these products. If you do not wash the fruit that you buy, you could be ingesting pesticide residue.

Storage gases

Certain fruits are stored for months in temperature-controlled environments. In some cases, gas is used to help keep the fruit fresh. If you wash your fruit, you will get remove any residue chemicals that may be on the fruit.


Fruit can pick up bacteria at any stage of the growing, harvesting, storage, or distribution process. All commercially grown fruit is handled by several sets of hands and machinery, all of which can contaminate the fruit with harmful bacteria. Soil carries a lot of bacteria, so it is particularly important to rinse this off.

How to wash fruit

It is important to wash any fruit that you are going to eat just before you eat it. There is no point in washing your apples or grapes then putting them in the fridge, as this will only serve to provide the perfect damp growing environment for new bacteria that the fruit will pick up from you or your fridge.

Wash it under running water and eat your fruit straight away. Also, remember to wash your hands before eating your fruit. Your hands carry hundreds of germs that can easily transfer from your hands to the fruit and end up being consumed.

Posted by Mark
September 7, 2014

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