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fruit to suit is a social enterprise company delivering bespoke, quality assured business and enterprise programs to primary and secondary schools nationwide. Our programs develop and encourage entrepreneurial skills and a greater understanding of business planning which can be consolidated by establishing and operating a long term, sustainable healthy tuck shop business. The profit generated could be used to fund further enterprise training or donated to charity.

The fruit to suit journey

The idea began to develop for fruit to suit in 2005. I was teaching and the tuck shop in the school were I was teaching had to close down due to government regulations. They were not allowed to sell junk food any more but there were no healthy alternatives.

I began to trial healthy snacks at breaktime in the inner city school I was teaching in. I tried all the traditional dried fruits as well as unsulphured apricots, dates and prunes. The children were really enthisiastic and tried everything I offered.

I started hand bagging the healthy snacks and selling them at break times. It was so successful there that I started selling to another local school and so fruit to suit spread!

I began to see the enjoyment from the children running the tuck shops and how much they gained both personally and academically, so I developed a business and enterprise program to train the children to run the tuck shop independently.

Franchising fruit to suit

Franchising has had a very positive effect on the company. I now have women working with me who are equally passionate about fruit to suit including working with the children, supplying healthy snacks and changing children's perceptions about running your own business. They are very proud of their acheivements and find it easy to 'sell' products and services they are very passionate about.

The fruit to suit journey has not been an easy one. The transition from teacher to business woman has not been as easy as I thought! I kept thinking that I was a mum disguised as a business woman. Somebody soon was going to 'catch me out'!!

"Thank you so much for all your hard work, the children thoroughly enjoyed the workshops. I am extremely pleased with the service you provided and would recommend it to all schools."

Oxton St. Saviours Primary School


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