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Secondary Schools

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fruit to suit trains your children to establish and independently operate a financially sustainable, healthy tuck shop business in your school.

We supply a wide range of healthy, affordable and, most of importantly, tasty snacks and drinks for your tuck shop business within the School Food Standards.


Tuck Shop Manager Training Program

During this core, half day program we run through all the practical aspects of running a healthy tuck shop business from ordering the snacks to successful sales techniques.

Your interviewed and elected managers are trained within their roles to run the tuck shop independently.

Tuck Shop Business

The tuck shop managers are responsible for writing a business plan, placing orders, checking deliveries, marketing, organising market research, bookkeeping, stock takes and completing an end of year financial statement.

fruit to suit offers unlimited support and advice.


Once your tuck shop managers are established in their roles, they can mentor children in their feeder primaries to establish and operate healthy tuck shop businesses in their own schools. It is a fantastic opportunity for your pupils to showcase their business skills, use these skills to mentor younger children and consolidate links between your schools.

Stand Alone Programs

We also offer a range of stand-alone programs for up to 100 children, some of which are potentially self-financing. These can compliment the tuck shop manager training or provide alternative enterprise experience without the commitment of a long term tuck shop.



To find out more about our Secondary School Programs, download our Secondary Programs prospectus, contact us directly or speak to any of our existing franchise owners.


pdf-32 32Secondary Prospectus