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Baking is number one pastime for dads and their children

According to a recent survey, more fathers are spending time with their kids during the summer holidays than ever before.

The survey also indicated that baking has become the most popular activity for children and their dads to carry out together.

Out of 2,000 men taking part in the poll, conducted by Sainsbury’s, 42% say that they share the child care with their wife or partner during the long summer holidays. In stark contrast, less than a quarter of the respondents said that they were looked after by their own father during the summer months.

Over a third of dads choose cooking and baking with their kids this as their favourite pastime, with the reasons given including occupying their children for a long time and being able to provide information about nutrition to their offspring.

With child obesity levels increasing, nutrition and healthy eating are becoming more important to families, including when at school. Many institutions in the UK are introducing new methods to encourage healthy eating, including school tuckshops. Lincolnshire faculties are among those taking part in nutritious eating initiatives, encouraging children to exercise more and eat healthy foods.

The Great British Bake Off may be an influence for dads cooking with children, as males and females are featured on the show. Almost half the respondents confirmed that summer was the best time to spend time with their children. Other activities included football, a bike ride, water pistols, and the beach.

Posted by Jennifer
September 1, 2014

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