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Campaign to call for pre-watershed ban on junk food adverts

The Children’s Food Campaign (CFC), in combination with the British Heart Foundation, is to call for unhealthy food advertisement to be held back until after the 9:00 pm watershed.

There is currently legislation in place to prevent ads for junk food being broadcast during children’s programmes. However, there is the fear that children will watch other television as well, leading to a growing concern that they are still being targeted by marketers.

Another issue is in the classification of ‘healthy’ and ‘unhealthy’ foods, and so the campaign will also call for a clearer definition.

The CFC launched a Junk Free Checkouts campaign last year in a bid to try and curb what is often referred to as ‘pester power’. The aim was to get unhealthy snacks removed from checkouts, so that parents were less likely to cave and buy them for their children.

However, Dr Emma Boyland, a psychologist at the University of Liverpool, has pointed out that television and checkouts are not the only battle grounds when it comes to the war on unhealthy eating. She highlights the Internet, and social media in particular, as being an area where progress needs to be made.

There are, of course, issues in schools as well. If you’re concerned about what your children are eating away from the home, you may want to look into how to set up a school tuck shop with a view to offering healthier snacks than may ordinarily be on offer.

Posted by Susan
March 16, 2014

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