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Caribbean school calls for healthier meals

The vice-principal of a school in Kingston, Jamaica, is calling for parents, guardians, vendors and concessionaires to help encourage students to eat a healthier diet.

Anthony Garwood of Camperdown High School wants his students to eat more nutritious foods. He believes that local food vendors could help to make a difference to the health of school children by selling healthier options.

The Camperdown Alumni St Andrew Chapter (CASTAC) recently held an exhibition at the school, which focused on nutrition. During the event, Garwood said that he thought it was important for students to realise how important it was to eat a healthy diet. He added:

“Concessionaires sometimes make it difficult because sodas and fry chicken sell faster and most times you find that it is all about making money. We have to stand firm, however, as adults, in ensuring that our children know the significance of eating healthy.”

According to the vice-principal, education and a healthy diet are linked. He called for the pupils’ guardians and parents to educate their children by setting an example. He added that health also had to become a key priority.

The first vice-president of CASTAC, Rainford Wint, also spoke of how some children may not have access to balanced home meals due to their economic background.

To combat this, the school could consider creating franchise opportunities for mums. UK schools are already introducing the idea and are in the process of implementing healthy tuckshop foods. Parents of students at the school could become involved in providing the healthy snacks for their kids.

Posted by Mark
May 14, 2014

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