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Levels of obesity soar among millennium babies

New research has indicated that there are much higher rates of obesity in children who were born around the year 2000.

Over 370,000 kids in England took part in the study, which showed that (more…)

US experts recommend common-sense approach to child’s health

A team of paediatricians in the United States has advised that allowing children to eat some foods with a small amount of fat and sugar is fine, especially if it encourages them to eat their vegetables.

The American Academy of Pediatrics has issued recommendations to (more…)

Child obesity influenced by parents’ lifestyle

According to a recent study, the likelihood of a child becoming overweight or obese is influenced by the lifestyle of parents, rather than being genetic.

The research, which was conducted by the London School of Economics and Political Science’s (LSE’s) Centre for Economic Performance, looked at (more…)

Link between child obesity and ‘advergames’ studied

A study of how food and drink is marketed to children online has recently been released, looking at a possible link between digital advertising and child weight issues.

The Community of Advertising Practice within the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) commissioned (more…)

Maternal health could affect child obesity

A recent study has revealed that the health of a pregnant woman could affect her unborn child, dictating whether it will become overweight or obese later on in life.

The research, which was published in The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, was conducted by (more…)

Obesity rates stabilise for under-10s

Recent studies indicate that the rates of obesity for children below ten years of age may be starting to level off.

Although the number of children who are obese or overweight grew from (more…)

Pizza blamed for childhood obesity in America

According to recent research conducted at the University of Illinois, pizza could be the main cause of obesity in US children.

The study revealed that on the days when children ate pizza, the total amount (more…)

Too much milk could increase child obesity

According to a recent US study, children who consume more than two cups of milk a day could be at risk of becoming overweight.

The authors of the research, which was led by (more…)

The year of birth could affect weight

A new study has discovered that a person’s year of birth could influence whether or not they will become obese.

The gene FTO, which has been nicknamed (more…)

Fast food could be to blame for low test scores

A new study has indicated that fast food could affect some brain processes from developing as they should in children.

The research has shown that those children who eat (more…)

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