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Roman councillors argue about European cuisine for school meals

It is not just in Britain where parents worry about what their children eat, as a number of schools in Italy have also been dealing with food complaints.

These concerned plans to serve up classic dishes from (more…)

Driving kids to school blamed for rise in child obesity

The National Association of Head Teachers’ president has called for parents to stop driving pupils to school and allow them to walk.

It is hoped that this will help children to (more…)

Super-size school uniform a cause for concern

The number of retailers selling school uniforms in super sizes is increasing to meet demand, despite health experts warning that child obesity is rising.

Trousers for schoolchildren are now available in (more…)

Celebrity chef tells parents to cut out junk food

Chef Jamie Oliver has called for parents to slash the amount of junk food their children are eating, to improve their chances of living a (more…)

Fast food outlets found to be near to many Birmingham schools

New data released by the Birmingham Mail indicates that a large number of schools in the city are located close to a McDonald’s restaurant.

The recent statistics show that (more…)

Daily fitness regime for school pupils

A Hull school has become the first to introduce a daily workout for its pupils to assist in the fight against child obesity.

The Schools and National Anti-Obesity Program (Snap) will be (more…)

Primary PE cash could be used to tackle child obesity

A report by Ofsted has suggested that some of the funding provided through the Primary PE and Sport Premium could be used to promote health and wellbeing in children.

All primary schools across England received (more…)

Retailer helps to provide children with a magic breakfast

Thousands of children will be starting their school day with a full stomach, thanks to a donation of 40,000 boxes of cereal by Tesco.

The retailer will be (more…)

Nine-year-old questions Deputy PM over meals plan

Following the introduction of free school meals for children aged four to seven years old, Nick Clegg faced a grilling by someone who claimed to be a young boy.

According to the (more…)

Gloucestershire schools helped by Robins

A project that will help children at Gloucestershire schools has received backing from footballers from (more…)

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