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Charity boss calls for cooking lessons to fight child obesity

Cecilia Belier, the founder of a London charity, has called for help to teach children and their families about nutrition and how to prepare healthy meals.

Belier set up the charity ‘Mini Cooking Club’ in Peckham, where she holds cooking classes for disadvantaged children and their families. In addition to teaching the groups how to prepare healthy meals, she also provides education about food and nutrition. According to Belier, the Government’s approach does not provide the practical knowledge required for families to produce healthy meals, saying that youngsters need to be “inspired” to eat healthily.

Belier, who is 36 years old, became a chef while she was in Barcelona, before making the decision to relocate to London. She believes that educating people about how to eat the correct foods is essential in the fight against child obesity, commenting:

“Government projects like Change 4 Life and Five A Day are good and give excellent information. But it’s too rigid and it doesn’t get people cooking. You have to show them how to cook and how to live better. I want the Government to do more practical training, provide spaces for people to get in the kitchen and to learn.”

Belier added that children should be given cooking lessons in school until they reach the age of 16, to provide them with basic nutrition and cooking skills. These lessons will help pupils to make informed choices when faced with the school tuckshop. Lincolnshire schools are among those that are providing healthy treats rather than sugary snacks.

Posted by Mark
December 2, 2014

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