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School tuck shop company in Cheshire

If you are looking for a school tuck shop company in Cheshire, then look no further than Fruit to Suit. We are a multi-award winning company, and our aim is to inspire young entrepreneurs in a fun and engaging way while promoting healthy eating at the same time.

Food for thought in Cheshire

The county of Cheshire has long been synonymous with freshly-made food, with Cheshire cheese the most obvious and well-known example of this. It doesn’t end with dairy, however, and an aerial view of the county immediately reveals a density of farms and fields. These are the veins of some of the highest-quality meat, fruit and vegetable suppliers in the country, so it is hardly surprising that so many people in Cheshire develop a fondness for natural, healthy food. With emphasis on healthy eating among children having rocketed since the turn of the millennium, a more fitness-conscious approach to snacking in schools has become vital. Tuck shops have had to weed out the chocolate bars and sugary drinks that were once their staple, and replace them with healthier alternatives like fresh fruit, cereal bars and fruit smoothies.

Choosing a school tuck shop company in Cheshire

At Fruit to Suit, not only do we provide healthy snacks for young students, we offer a range of food and drinks for adults too. These are perfectly suitable for use in boardrooms and staffrooms, business offices or just for everyday use when out and about with family and friends. We are a professional and friendly school tuck shop company in Cheshire and are passionate and dedicated about what we do. If you have any queries regarding the services we provide, or would like to know about our prices and how to order our products, give us a call today. We will be more than glad to help.