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Child obesity rates in Lincolnshire among England’s highest

The percentage of childhood obesity in Lincolnshire schools is one of the highest in the country.

Although the local authority has introduced a number of measures, school age children are still fighting against the obesity pandemic.

Year six and reception age classes in the county have higher percentages of children who are classified as obese than in most other regions. Dr Tony Hill, Lincolnshire County Council’s director of health, produced a report that outlined the latest findings to the authority. Dr Hill states:

“Lincolnshire’s children who are overweight has increased since 2006/7 amongst children in Reception and in Year 6. These proportions have remained reasonably stable since 2009/10, so although there is no sign yet of a decrease in excess weight in children, there is evidence that the rate of increase has slowed.”

The figures were obtained from the National Child Measurement Programme, which occurs during the school year between autumn and the summer. A spokesperson for the council has denied that their current services have failed, but the situation has not improved as much as they would have expected.

Services will be adapted and improved so that levels of obesity fall. Schools could also continue to encourage children to eat a healthy diet and be more active, including through the introduction of healthy tuckshop foods. Lincolnshire County Council has stated that they will continue to fight against child obesity, which is associated with health problems in later life, along with depression and psychological problems as a child.

Posted by Jennifer
May 5, 2014

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