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Coca-Cola launches anti-obesity campaign

A scheme to help cut obesity levels has recently been introduced by a popular soft drink manufacturer, which aims to provide sports coaching to families around the UK.

However, health critics are blaming soft drinks companies, such as the sponsoring Coca-Cola, for encouraging child obesity with their sugary drinks.

According to the drinks company, ‘Coca-Cola Zero Parklives’ is a campaign that will encourage children of all ages to become more active and to take part in sport. The £20m initiative will offer free sports coaching and lessons for families at 70 parks across Britain.

In data that was produced by the National Diet and Nutrition Survey, it was indicated that children up to the age of 18 are consuming around 40% more sugar than the recommended amounts. Some health critics place the blame for this excessive consumption on soft beverage companies, including Coca-Cola. However, the drinks giant has argued that ‘zero-calorie’ drinks count for 40% of its sales.

The general manager of Coca-Cola, Jon Woods, stated:

“We have set out in the last two years that we want to play a more productive role in finding solutions to obesity; historically we would have shied away from this but we are taking a more proactive approach; this is about calories in and calories out and getting the energy balance right.”

Woods added that the current problem of rising obesity rates in the UK is not solely due to consumption of soft drinks.

Around Britain, some schools are tackling the issue by introducing healthy tuckshop food. The Teesside area is just one region that is encouraging nutrition among students.

Posted by Mark
June 7, 2014

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