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Community invited to invest in children’s future with biodynamic farm

A community farm in Devon is to be set up to teach children about growing food, nutrition and health.

The organic agriculture site will be created thanks to shares being released to locals. The community project will focus on improving the health of children and the relationship between their health and food.

Mark and Marina O’Connell run The Apricot Centre, based in Essex. They will transform Week Farm into an educational centre where children can learn about nature and their environment. The principles of biodynamics will be used to grow fruit and vegetables, as well as to raise chickens and cows.

During the transformation process, soil fertility and the site’s biodiversity will be improved, while a service for the whole community will be provided, as well as apprenticeships. The couple firmly believe that if children discover the connection between nature and growing food on an allotment, in a school garden or on a farm, they will become much healthier.

Marina first discovered that such activities could help children to learn during the 1980s, when she created a school farm that had chickens. The hands-on fun soon had children sowing seeds, picking strawberries and more.

Although it is difficult for inner-city schools to create a farm, many are starting to improve food on offer to students with healthy tuckshop snacks. Lincolnshire is just one area that has introduced nutritious foods in this way. School groups of all ages will be able to spend time at the community farm and take part in activities.

Posted by Mark
July 21, 2014

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