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Daily fitness regime for school pupils

A Hull school has become the first to introduce a daily workout for its pupils to assist in the fight against child obesity.

The Schools and National Anti-Obesity Program (Snap) will be introduced at the start of 2015 for six weeks at Ashwell Academy.

Students aged 11 years old and over, will spend three hours and 30 minutes each week taking part in physical exercise. The scheme has been devised by Daniel Fallon, a former fitness instructor for the Royal Navy. Press-ups and squats will be introduced as part of the new regime. The increased time spent on PE classes is a 75% rise on current levels.

Pupils who buy school lunches are also being persuaded to select healthier options, such as those with fewer additives, and less salt and fat. With the obesity epidemic costing the NHS over £6bn every year, other schools across the UK will be watching the East Yorkshire school closely, to see if the new regime has a positive impact on child obesity levels.

According to statistics from the NHS, 20% of children in the Hull region are either dangerously overweight or obese. Mike Birkinshaw, the headteacher at Ashwell Academy, wants to encourage pupils to eat healthier meals, while introducing better physical activities at the school.

Many schools in the UK are looking for cost-effective ways to fight the rising levels of child obesity, and one method is to introduce a healthy school tuckshop. Lincolnshire schools are among those that are trying to encourage students to put their health and wellbeing first.

Posted by Mark
November 17, 2014

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