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Seven unfamiliar fruits worth trying

We all know the importance of eating enough fruit and vegetables, but few of us mange to consume the full seven portions that some are currently recommending. There are a number of reasons for this, and one of them is boredom.

Sometimes we just (more…)

Obesity researchers call for use of fitness trackers on children

Scientists at the University of California have recently conducted a study into the use of health tracking devices on children to help combat child obesity.

Although adults have used (more…)

Five great fruits for vitamin C content

When we think about vitamin C and fruit, we all automatically picture oranges, and this connection is spot on. However, there are some others that you may not know about.

Here are the facts about (more…)

Campaign uncovers key tips to tackle child obesity

Experts from the Safefood project have identified six key areas that they believe have the greatest impact on child obesity.

The awareness drive will run for (more…)

Should we be eating seven portions of fruit and veg a day?

Most of us have heard the five a day message. However, in April new advice was issued. It turns out that to really benefit and prolong our lives we need to eat at the very least seven helpings of (more…)

At risk pupils encouraged to join weight loss course

Children who are overweight are being encouraged to take part in a programme that is aimed at teaching them about exercise and a healthy diet.

The course was initially rolled out in (more…)

School children stand for lessons to fight obesity

A seven week trial is taking place at a school in Bradford, where primary school pupils are standing for some of their classes to try to improve the children’s health.

Teaching children while they stand at a desk is thought to (more…)

Oliver makes pledge to reduce child obesity levels

A famous chef has recently pledged to reduce levels of UK child obesity by five per cent during the coming five years.

The pledge was made by Jamie Oliver in the lead up to today’s (more…)

Caribbean school calls for healthier meals

The vice-principal of a school in Kingston, Jamaica, is calling for parents, guardians, vendors and concessionaires to help encourage students to eat a healthier diet.

Anthony Garwood of Camperdown High School wants (more…)

Call to ban junk food near schools

Health officials are calling for a ban to be placed on any junk food retailers within a five minutes’ walk from a school.

Experts are targeting (more…)

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