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Health officials recommend common sense to tackle obesity problem

Serving meals to children on smaller plates is just one of the pieces of advice that has been given by Duncan Selbie, the head of Public Health England.

The health official said that (more…)

Australian kids ‘target’ of unhealthy food advertising

A study conducted by Cancer Council NSW researchers has revealed that food companies Down Under are still targeting children when marketing unhealthy foods.

As such businesses use their own (more…)

UK pupils to benefit from healthy school meals

A new well-being initiative launched by the Government will start at the beginning of the new educational year in schools across Britain.

The scheme will aim to provide (more…)

School uniform sizes increase in line with rising child weight

Pupil’s uniforms are now being manufactured in a range of larger sizes, to accommodate the increasing levels of child obesity.

Stockists in the UK are supplying trousers up to a size (more…)

Teachers crucial for reducing child obesity

New research carried out by a North Carolinian organisation indicates that teachers play an important role in increasing the physical activity of young children.

The Frank Porter Graham Child Development Institute (FPG), in collaboration with (more…)

US fitness group launches list of nutritious snack foods

A list of healthy treats has been released by the Mecklenburg County Medical Society Child Health Group.

The North Carolinian organisation aims to (more…)

US study reveals packed lunches don’t meet guidelines

According to a study carried out by researchers in the United States, packed lunches that are taken to school by students often fail to meet dietary guidelines.

When examined, the lunches did not contain (more…)

Scottish Government intervenes to help overweight children

An initiative launched in Scotland has helped almost 17,000 kids to lose weight.

During the last three years, Scottish Government officials have (more…)

Top tips for starting a food sector business

If you are looking for a way to work for yourself, the food sector offers some great opportunities. Here are our top tips for starting your own company in this (more…)

UK’s ‘TOFI’ children are at risk

New research has warned that more than one million kids in Britain have hidden health risks.

The children have been labelled as a generation of TOFI kids, which stands for (more…)

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