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Obese teens will ‘earn less’ than slim counterparts

According to recent studies conducted in Sweden, teenagers who are overweight are more likely to earn less as adults than those who are slimmer.

Swedish researchers compared data obtained from (more…)

Three weekend-friendly business ideas

If you want to give your income a boost, running your own business is a good way to do it. It is possible to earn quite a bit of money doing so during the spare hours you have at the weekends.

Here are some great business ideas that are easy and inexpensive to (more…)

Three lunchbox tips to keep kids healthy

If you want your children to enjoy healthy food, giving them the right food in their lunchbox is vital. Here are our three top tips for providing your child with a healthy packed lunch (more…)

Retailer helps to provide children with a magic breakfast

Thousands of children will be starting their school day with a full stomach, thanks to a donation of 40,000 boxes of cereal by Tesco.

The retailer will be (more…)

Eating right when eating out

It’s nice to let someone else take the strain, so eating out or ordering a takeaway is always a tempting choice. You can relax and let someone do the cooking for you and, best of all, there is no washing up.

Takeaways, however, are rarely known for being kind to (more…)

Low-income families faced with return of rickets

According to a recent report from the UK Faculty of Public Health (FPH), the extreme poverty being faced by families on a low income is leading to the return of illnesses that were commonly seen during the Victorian era, like gout and rickets.

Calls for a (more…)

Wiltshire adopts new programme to fight child obesity

Wiltshire Council has launched a new scheme that is aimed at helping children aged between seven and 11 years old to achieve a healthy weight.

The programme adapted by the council has been created by (more…)

Research shows local environment affects levels of youth obesity

As rates of childhood obesity continue to soar in the US, a study has indicated that where a child grows up can have a huge influence on their weight.

Over the last thirty years, data shows that (more…)

Nine-year-old questions Deputy PM over meals plan

Following the introduction of free school meals for children aged four to seven years old, Nick Clegg faced a grilling by someone who claimed to be a young boy.

According to the (more…)

A look at the fructivorous world

A fructivorous creature is one that feeds mainly on fruit. They are sometimes also called frugivores, although technically a frugivore just prefers to have fruit in its diet rather than for it to be the main staple of what it (more…)

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