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Simple ways for mums to make money using moulds

If you are looking for a quick and easy way to make some cash while having fun, this article is very much for you. Here we are going to tell you how to use silicone moulds to make a range of objects that you can sell, which would be great as (more…)

Primary PE cash could be used to tackle child obesity

A report by Ofsted has suggested that some of the funding provided through the Primary PE and Sport Premium could be used to promote health and wellbeing in children.

All primary schools across England received (more…)

Call to change time for improved children’s health

Moving the clocks forward would give children an extra 200 hours of daylight each year, providing extra opportunities for them to be active outdoors, a new study claims.

Recent research from the London School of (more…)

BMI tests at risk of missing obese children

According to new research, the Body Mass Index (BMI) assessments that are carried out could miss 25% of children who are obese.

US scientists have warned that (more…)

US study reveals family meals could affect child obesity levels

Research carried out the University of Minnesota has indicated that children who eat meals in a negative, chaotic atmosphere are more likely to be obese or overweight than those who eat meals with their family in a positive environment.

The researchers had determined that (more…)

Mayor considers banning fast food shops to tackle child obesity

London Mayor Boris Johnson is looking at plans to stop all fast food outlets from opening within 400 metres of schools.

Other measures that have been outlined (more…)

North Lincolnshire kids turning too readily to energy drinks, nutritionists warn

Experts have recently expressed their concern at the number of children who are relying on energy drinks to give them a ‘pick-me-up’. The numbers of children who drink sugary beverages has increased, according to North Lincolnshire Council.

Statistics revealed by health officials state that around 25% of children aged four or five are obese, while a third of children at the age of 10 or 11 are classed as obese in North Lincolnshire.

North Lincolnshire Council’s health practitioner, Emma Howard-Drake, spoke of the children who are consuming these drinks and why they were doing it. She said that a child had recently been spotted by her consuming an energy drink. When she informed the parent, the response was that it was needed as a ‘pick-me-up’. Howard-Drake argues that this is a fallacy, because such drinks simply provide an intense hit, followed by an energy slump.

In the next few months, the council will be launching a campaign that targets primary schools and aims to stop children consuming junk food and drink from a young age. Workshops will be a part of the campaign, with information about energy drinks and food being provided. School lunch supervisors will receive training so that they can inform children about healthy alternatives.

Another initiative that has been adopted by a number of schools is the introduction of a healthy school tuckshop. Lincolnshire officials could bear this in mind in their search to cut sugar intake among youths.

Fruit company the latest on board with Sesame Street scheme

Citrus brand Sunkist has joined a themed packaging initiative in order to promote a healthy diet to children, helped by some of their favourite TV characters.

The ‘Eat Brighter!’ programme, a partnership between (more…)

Short-term business ideas with Christmas in mind

At Christmas, we all spend more than normal, which means that the chance to earn a bit more is always welcome. With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of short-term business ideas that could help you to (more…)

Research reveals possible link between antibiotics and child obesity

Children who are given antibiotics before the age of two years old could be at risk of becoming obese before they are five years old, according to a recent study.

The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia research has (more…)

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