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Fast food outlets found to be near to many Birmingham schools

New data released by the Birmingham Mail indicates that a large number of schools in the city are located close to a McDonald’s restaurant.

The recent statistics show that (more…)

Record numbers of obese children in Greater Manchester

Over 170 children in the Greater Manchester area have been so overweight that they have needed to be admitted to hospital with complications during the last three years.

The figure comes from recent National Health Service (NHS) data obtained by (more…)

State of economy can affect child obesity

According to a study conducted in Attica, Greece, the number of children who are either overweight or obese is more likely to increase during an economic crisis.

Although child obesity rates had stabilised in Greece, this trend reversed during (more…)

Danish families embrace anti-child obesity project

A pilot scheme introduced by a paediatrician in Denmark has reportedly made headway in the battle against the problem of child obesity.

As a third of all children worldwide are overweight, according to (more…)

Daily fitness regime for school pupils

A Hull school has become the first to introduce a daily workout for its pupils to assist in the fight against child obesity.

The Schools and National Anti-Obesity Program (Snap) will be (more…)

Derbyshire food outlets could face health rating to tackle child obesity

As issues with children’s weight have arisen, takeaways and restaurants in Derby could face new measures as part of an initiative to tackle the problem.

Radical proposals have been (more…)

Little Fire Breathers tackle child weight issues

A new scheme in Abercarn, Caerphilly, has been launched to help combat child obesity.

A number of activities for (more…)

Is my business idea viable?

Starting a company in the UK is relatively easy, with millions of people doing so each year.

Some do it full time, whilst others, such as many busy mums, run (more…)

Teesside health officials focus on improving child wellbeing

Specialists attending a health conference in Middlesbrough recently focused on the issues that affect the condition of children and how they could raise awareness of such problems.

Issues included a variety of topics, from (more…)

Healthy eating guidelines for children

What constitutes a healthy diet is more or less the same for both adults and children. However, there are some differences.

Here is a summary of the (more…)

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