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Labour health spokesman calls for legal limits on sugar

The shadow health minister has been accused of being “the Grinch who wants to ban mince pies at Christmas” by a fellow MP.

The health spokesman for Labour, Andy Burnham, has suggested (more…)

Unusual foods being ‘recommended’ for children by NHS trust

A leaflet issued by Poole Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust recommended that parents feed their children crisps and chocolate from around eight months of age.

The guidance was issued to parents of children attending (more…)

Celebrity chef tells parents to cut out junk food

Chef Jamie Oliver has called for parents to slash the amount of junk food their children are eating, to improve their chances of living a (more…)

UK girls are Europe’s fattest

According to recent research, girls under 20 years of age in Britain are the most overweight in Europe.

The UK has been dubbed ‘the fat man of Europe’ by experts, with many (more…)

Mobile food vans in London to tackle child obesity

A six month initiative has launched in four north and east London boroughs to help tackle the increasing problem of childhood obesity.

An organisation called Shift Design introduced (more…)

Alarming levels of child obesity in deprived areas

As new data is released, officials at Public Health England (PHE) are calling for parents to encourage children to be healthier.

The figures indicate that children are (more…)

New rules for New York day care restricts sugary drinks

According to new regulations issued by the authorities of a US state, licensed day care providers will only be allowed to serve children water, low-fat milk, or 100% fruit juice in a move to prevent child obesity.

For most of New York, the new rules will (more…)

Research reveals child obesity increases during last years of primary school

A study of children born during the year 2000 has revealed that their levels of child obesity increased between the ages of seven and eleven years old.

Over 13,000 children were included in (more…)

Fatty liver disease more likely in obese children

According to a recent study, children who are obese have a greater risk of developing non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD).

The research was conducted at the (more…)

Charity boss calls for cooking lessons to fight child obesity

Cecilia Belier, the founder of a London charity, has called for help to teach children and their families about nutrition and how to prepare healthy meals.

Belier set up the charity ‘Mini Cooking Club’ in Peckham, where she holds (more…)