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Eating right when eating out

It’s nice to let someone else take the strain, so eating out or ordering a takeaway is always a tempting choice. You can relax and let someone do the cooking for you and, best of all, there is no washing up.

Takeaways, however, are rarely known for being kind to the waistline, so here are our top tips for making health-conscious choices:

<h2>Chose restaurants that offer healthy choices</h2>

Some takeaway and restaurant chains offer little in the way of healthy choices. If most of the menu is fried food, it is best not to eat there.
If, on the other hand, you order a balanced meal that includes vegetables or fruit, you will end up naturally eating less fat, sugar and calories.

<h2>Watch the fat and calorie count</h2>

If you order a healthy meal, try not to spoil things by adding hidden fat or calories to your meal. Ordering a lean chicken can easily be spoilt if you order a cream sauce with it. Vegetable-based sauces, like tomato, taste just as nice, but contain none of the fat or extra calories. Don’t be afraid to ask for a calorie count from the eatery if it’s not being made public.

<h2>Avoid picking</h2>

In a restaurant, it is all too easy to eat gain hundreds of extra calories while waiting for your meal by snacking on the bread. Simply asking the waiter to bring the bread with your meal will stop you doing this.

<h2>Foods to avoid</h2>

When eating out and watching the pounds, the following are all best avoided:

- Anything deep-fried

- Foods that contain cream

- Red meat

- Kebabs or regular takeaway burgers

- Foods that are high in salt

This may seem a long list, but you will find that there are still plenty of choices left on the menu. Steamed, grilled or roasted food can be every bit as enjoyable as greasy junk food, and much better for the body too.

Posted by Jennifer
September 23, 2014

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