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Expert calls for focus on child fitness

A leading kid’s fitness expert at the University of Essex has called for a greater focus on inactivity among children.

This is rather than concentrating on food as the sole cause of the obesity crisis.

Dr. Gavin Sandercock has argued that experts should be focusing on lack of exercise as a primary cause of obesity. He also believes that the problem has possibly been exaggerated, citing the number of obese children in a class of 30 as an example.

According to the doctor, 1.5 pupils in a class of 30 were overweight in 1990, while in 2013, the number had increased to 2.7. Dr. Sandercock added that it is his believe that this does not constitute an epidemic. He also stated that levels of child obesity had stabilised, while in some cases it had fallen.

A report published in January of this year, the Physical Activity Statistics 2015 – British Heart Foundation (BHF), claimed that less than 20% of children have said that they take enough physical exercise. An activity assessment carried out by the BHF also revealed that no girls aged between 11 and 15 years of age took sufficient exercise, while only 7% of boys exercised enough.

Although Dr. Sandercock believes that more physical activity could be the key to building fitness and preventing obesity, a healthy approach to diet also plays a part. This is why schools across the UK are introducing nutritious alternatives to sugary snacks through healthy tuckshop foods. Lincolnshire is just one region taking part in such an initiative.

Posted by Susan
February 17, 2015

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