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Experts call for a ban on fizzy drinks at meal times

Nutrition experts are calling for fizzy drinks to be replaced by water at meal times, to help reduce levels of child obesity in the UK.

The advisory committee for the Government is due to release scientific guidance on nutrition, outlining the effects of sugar and fat in the diet.

Specialists have advised families to make water freely available at mealtimes, rather than buying fizzy drinks like lemonade and cola. According to the nutrition professionals, sugary drinks such as sports drinks and fizzy pop significantly contribute to the obesity epidemic, especially in children who consume more of the drinks than adults.

A professor at the University of Oxford, Susan Jebb, advised parents that a child should be given water once they have been weaned. Another professor, Tom Sanders from King’s College in London, agreed with Jebb and stated that just a small fruit juice with breakfast is sufficient, with water for the remainder of the day.

The scientists also talked about fat content in meals, especially in junk food, including biscuits and cakes. According to recent studies on animals, fat and sugar together will cause obesity, rather than a diet that has a high level of sugar alone. Supermarkets have come under fire as being part of the problem, as shoppers have to negotiate aisles full of sugary foods that are all high in calories.

Schools around the UK are tackling the obesity problem with the introduction of healthy school tuckshops. Lincolnshire schools are making progress by substituting sugary drinks and snacks with nutritious options.

Posted by Jennifer
June 28, 2014

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