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Fast food could be to blame for low test scores

A new study has indicated that fast food could affect some brain processes from developing as they should in children.

The research has shown that those children who eat more fast food have worse performances in tests than those who don’t eat at all, or eat less of it.

The study was conducted by researchers at Ohio State University, with Dr Kelly Purtell leading the team. The study was carried out to see how the food consumed by children is contributing to increasing levels of child obesity. However, the study provided evidence that junk food also affected academic performance.

The data was obtained from 8,500 school children in the US, whose consumption of fast food had been recorded at the age of 10 years old. Test results were studied in 2013, taking into account many more factors.

Just over half the children had eaten fast food up to three times in the previous week, while 10% had consumed it up to six times, and a further 10% had eaten fast food every day of the week.

Those who ate fast food daily scored below those who had never eaten it in maths, science, and reading. Previous research in Australia carried out on rats has also indicated that fast food can affect memory.

To try to curb consumption of junk food, schools in the UK are helping students to take responsibility for their diet, while encouraging budding entrepreneurs with business enterprise ideas for kids. By setting up a healthy tuckshop, children learn commercial skills and are encouraged to eat more nutritiously.

Posted by Jennifer
January 2, 2015

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