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Finding the balance between work and parenting

A large proportion of today’s families are constantly struggling to find the right balance between the need to work, to provide for their family as well as the demands and needs of being a parent, and managing the home side of things.

Many feel under pressure when juggling the demands of delivering the multiple demands of work objectives and ensuring that there is still quality time had with family. Many people feel that once work finishes, it can start all over again as home life consists of washing, cooking and cleaning.

However, it is best to park those thoughts, as home life is about spending quality time as a family, enjoying each other’s company and watching your children develop with your guidance and support.

How to seize back your family days

There are a few ways that you can feel more in control and really enjoy the quality time that you get with your family, to nurture them and help them grow. Organisation is key to keeping your home running smoothly. By taking the time to plan what needs to happen the following week, this means that you won’t need to get stressed over the small things.

Whilst being organised will make like simpler, remember that it is not about being the best cook or the person who runs the entire house. Don’t place yourself under unnecessary pressure. Accept help from friends and family, as this will free up your time and take some of the worry from your mind.

Just as important is to realise that it is all right to lower your expectations of yourself. You do not have to be a “Delia” in the kitchen, as you can just get the children involved with preparing meals, creating a more quality, family-based eating experience.

Dealing with the office

Try to keep a flexible approach to work where it allows. Your employer may let you work from home, or condense your working week from 5 to 4 days. If this is possible, maximise your days off. Turn them into times filled with fun and adventure that your little ones will look forward too.

Children also provide a platform to make new friends. Nursery, sports, and other clubs are a great way to meet other parents, even if just briefly on the school run before shooting off to your job. As friendships grow, arrange to get together for fun in the park, picnics and trips to the beach. While the children are tearing around and having fun, you can have some much needed grown-up interaction. Having someone to talk with can help to relieve any pressure or stress that you may be feeling.

There are numerous other actions that you can take to maintain a pleasurable balance between working and being a parent. Most important is remembering to separate the two, which can be easier said than done. When you finish work for the day, forget the workspace and leave any stress behind. Switch into family mode and revel in and relish every moment before the office calls again.

Posted by Mark
April 30, 2014

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