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Finding job satisfaction through franchising

Despite an improving economy, reports are still rife of people in the UK struggling to find jobs. With estimates of more than a million zero-hour contracts in place last year and young people in particular struggling to land a job suited to their qualifications, it’s perhaps little surprise that a record number of new businesses were registered with Companies House last year.

Bearing this in mind, let’s look at a few reasons why a move into franchising or business ownership might be able to help you out of the doldrums of the current job market:

1. You’re in good company

Owning a business or franchise might seem like a daunting prospect and perhaps a lonely position to be in, but the sheer number of people now doing it has spawned a wealth of opportunities.

Statistics from the Centre for Entrepreneurs show that 581,173 start-ups were registered during 2014, which is a rise of more than 10% on 2013′s total of 526,447. Most of these were in Greater London, but the top ten cities for new businesses show a healthy spread across the country, with the Midlands (Birmingham and Nottingham), the North (Manchester, Sheffield, and Warrington), and Scotland (Glasgow and Edinburgh) all featuring.

Increased numbers of new companies can only be a good thing for networking and support, as more organisations and events are set up to help out business and franchise owners.

2. You are your own boss

High unemployment rates in recent years have meant that employers have perhaps been able to offer terms that suit them more than their employees. As a result, workers have sometimes had to settle for unfavourable hours and less than ideal working conditions.

As a business or franchise owner, the ball is in your own court. You are still almost certain to need to work a set number of hours, perhaps not always when you would like to, but the difference is that you will get out what you put in to your enterprise, making a study of local demographics and buying trends worthwhile.

3. You will be joining an established business

An advantage of owning a franchise rather than setting up a business from scratch is that much of the legwork is done for you.

With estimates suggesting that as many as half of new businesses fail within three years, franchisees can be sure that they are joining a successful model that has grown quickly enough to expand beyond a single outlet.

Posted by Susan
January 26, 2015

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