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Five imported fruits that the average Brit can’t live without

For many decades now, the British have been enjoying fruit from across the world. Having a big empire meant that pineapples, oranges and other exotic fruit were eaten in the UK as far back as the 17th Century. Back then, however, it was only the very rich and royalty who could afford them.

Better shipping and the development of airfreight changed this. It made it possible to import fruit from abroad in vast quantities. This bought the price down to the point where everyone could afford to eat imported fruits.

Here are the best-selling fruits in the UK that are grown abroad:

1. Bananas

It will not surprise you to know that bananas are the most popular imported fruit in the UK, as you see them piled high everywhere. Many supermarkets sell them at less than cost price, making little or no profit on them but using them to tempt shoppers into the store.

2. Grapes

It is possible to grow grapes in the UK, but only on a small scale. Most of the grapes grown here are used to make wine, so the majority of the grapes eaten in the UK are still imported.

3. Oranges

Oranges from Spain have always been popular. The fact they came from Europe and kept well meant they were a viable import prior to air freight. We still like our citrus, although emphasis has moved more towards easy-to-peel fruits like satsumas in recent years.

4. Pineapples

A have been a popular treat since the early 1900s, pineapples also keep and travel well. Of course cannot be grown in the UK as tropical climates are needed.

5. Peaches

They travel less well and have a short lifespan, but our love of tinned peaches meant that, when fresh ones became widely available, we brought them in their droves. Today, they are more popular than plums and are available practically year round.

Posted by Jennifer
September 1, 2014

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