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Five part-time business ideas for mums

We all know that being a parent is one of the hardest jobs out there. As a mum, you are often the wearer of many hats, such as the provider of food, entertainment and comfort. This is usually alongside the running of the house, with its weekly shopping, tidying and cleaning; well, as much as the little ones allow! The list can at times seem never ending.

However, if you want to earn at the same time, then there are numerous opportunities and part time ventures that will enable you to work from home on a part time basis.

This is a great way of getting the work life balance right. If you can be predominantly home based, you will have the reassurance that you are there when your children need you, such as when there are unwell or off school. Therefore, running your own business gives you a little more flexibility.

For many parents, work also provides them with that escape from children’s TV and access to conversations with grown-ups. There are many business ideas that mums can work with, which may also enable you to positively influence your child’s health, diet and lifestyle choices. Here are some of them:

What suits you?

1. Why not try cookery classes that develop an understanding of food, ingredients and instruction, which aims to teach children what food is all about? Such businesses are generally a combination of pre-school cooking, parties and after school clubs. Mums could be invited to help, as often a new recipe is shared each week. This can help to start conversations about where food comes from, how it grows and helpful tips for the recipe.

2. Activity and dance is a great way to get children moving and being creative. Therefore, a dance class that tries to build confidence, coordination and creativity could be a popular, fun choice for parents. While it is a great way to encourage activity and exercise with your own children, it can also provide a potential income stream during hours convenient to you.

3. Some franchise-based businesses are more specifically sports focused, enabling you to train in a particular field, such as tennis, to increase your earnings while working with children in a structured but fun way. Doing so, you’re not only teaching a specific sport, but also colour recognition, counting and co-ordination.

4. A fairly new and expanding business idea is one that focuses on delivering yoga inspired fun to babies and children, within existing childcare settings.

5. You can also look into party planning ideas, which allow you to work from home within flexible hours. There are a large number of different styles to choose from, so it’s important to pick out the right one for you. Make sure it is a product you are passionate about. For instance, a children’s book party would allow you to build your own business selling award winning kid’s books through schools, gatherings or toddlers’ groups, which would be perfect for a mum.

As you can see, there are many different avenues that can be explored to find a part-time business that is right for you, meaning that you can earn without compromising on family time.

Posted by Susan
May 7, 2014

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