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Five ways to get your kids to eat more fruit

We have all been there, buying a big bowl of fruit to make sure that everyone in the family eats their five a day (or is it seven?) only to end up throwing half of it away.

The children especially tend not eat their share. This is strange when you consider that most fruit is sweet and they should enjoy it.

However, it is possible to get children to eat fruit. Our team does it all the time, so we know it can be done. Here are our top five ways to get your children to eat more fruit:

Cut it up

The first tip is to cut the fruit up. Small hands will struggle to manipulate an apple or a slice of melon.

If you cut it up and put it in a bowl, it is much easier to eat. They just pick at it in the same way they would a packet of crisps.

Make it fun

Making fruit fun is another good way to encourage children to eat more of it. Slicing a pineapple downwards instead of across as you would for normal slices gives you the chance to use a sharp knife or pastry cutter to turn it into fun shapes. This will work with apple slices too.

Try making a berry necklace or bracelet together. You can even turn strawberries into flowers and serve them on sticks. Adults like these too.

Mix it up

Kids like variety. They may not eat a whole banana, but if you cut up half and put it in a bowl with a few raspberries, a couple of strawberries and a few slices of apple, they will eat the lot as it will seem much more appealing.

This is also better from a nutritional point of view. When you mix the range of fruits that you give your children, they get a broader range of vitamins and minerals than they would if they just had a banana every day.

Realistic Portions

Bear in mind that children cannot eat as much as an adult. If you give them an apple, they are not likely to be able to finish it. In a family where the children are encouraged to finish their food, not finishing a piece of fruit is going to be an issue. It can be enough for a child to turn down the apple rather than attempt to eat it.

When you give your children fruit will also have an impact on how likely they are to eat it. If given once they get back from school, they are more likely to eat it because they will be hungry. It can also work well at breakfast time.

Transform the fruit

Perhaps the best way to get your kids to eat more fruit is to transform it into something else. A child who will not eat a mango will snatch your hand off for a mango lolly.

Making healthy snacks from fruit is also a good ways to use up any that is uneaten. Kids love cooking, so let them help.

Put just a few of these tips into action and your children will soon be asking for more fruit instead of resisting it.

Posted by Susan
June 2, 2014

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