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Franchise for mums

Busy mums often have a hard time finding work that they can fit around their family obligations. Looking after young children is very time consuming, as is taking care of the home and finding time for themselves. Many mums would, ideally, like to work on a part time basis, but this is simply not possible for many, as they are unable to make enough money to meet their needs by doing so. Either that or they are unable to juggle kids with the demands of the workplace. Fruit to Suit are a franchise for mums. We enable mothers across the UK to start up their own flexible business, working with children, which enables them to get that all important work life balance right.

Hassle free

Franchises for mums are unique in that they offer much more flexibility than the average business, especially for those that are just starting out. A lot of the headaches that come with setting up a new business are removed when choosing a franchise, where everything the owner needs to get started is provided by the franchiser. Not only that, but the average franchise for mums, like ours, is set up to be run on a part time basis, so that you can fit it around school hours. This means that mums can make money and still be there for their children, without having to organise a military style operation to keep everything running smoothly.


Quite often, the banks are more likely to lend to someone who is looking to operate as a part of a franchise than they are to someone going it alone, because a franchise already has a good reputation and can be seen to be profitable.


Running a franchise also gives mums more security, because such businesses typically require less start-up capital and have a much lower failure rate than other new enterprises. Franchises have proved that they are successful, which is why so many people clamour to run their businesses as a franchisee. It is much easier to get established and do well when operating under the name of a successful company than it is going it completely alone, because when you buy a franchise, you are buying a proven idea that you know can be successful if you put the effort in.


Franchisors give a lot of time and support to their franchisees. They will help mums to set up the business by providing training and equipment in the first instance, with ongoing help and support once the business is up and running.


Perhaps the best thing about a franchise for mums is that it gives mothers more freedom. They do not have to be tied down to a desk at certain hours of every day, but they can still be successful in growing their wealth and providing for their children.

Here at Fruit to Suit, we offer affordable franchises for mums, selling high quality healthy foods at primary and secondary schools. This is great for mums who are looking for business opportunities that they can fit around their kids. Sound good? Then get in touch with us today for more information on our fantastic franchise opportunities.