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Franchise opportunities for mums

Mums who are looking for flexible ways to make money should definitely consider running a franchise business. Fruit to Suit offers unique franchise opportunities for mums who are looking for a practical way in which they can earn some cash, while still having plenty of free time to spend with their kids. Our franchises are flexible, affordable and child centred, making them perfect for mums everywhere.

What is a franchise?

A franchise is basically a license that allows an individual to set up a business using the products, trademarks or business models of an already existing company. The franchisee will need to pay fees to the original company in order to do so, but this style comes with a number of benefits that they would not find when setting up a brand new business. One of the main ones is the fact that they will be trading under the name of an established, trustworthy company, rather than going it completely alone.

Why are franchises good for mums?

A lot of mums find that they run into some difficulty when they try to get themselves back into work. The main problem they have is that working hours are still very inflexible, making it difficult for parents to juggle childcare and work efficiently. Not only that, but childcare costs can be extremely expensive, again making it tough for mothers to generate a good income whilst caring for their children.

Franchise opportunities for mums, on the other hand, are very flexible. Companies like ours are run by working mothers who have found a way to combine their skills and entrepreneurship with their family responsibilities. They are able to work part time, building a business while being there when their kids truly need them, which is all made possible by the support of the franchisor.

Franchisor support

One of the biggest benefits of franchise opportunities for mums is that they come with a whole lot of support. For the cost of franchise fees, mothers will be provided with all the help that they need to get started. They will also receive any training that is required, help with marketing and advertising their business, and the products that they need to get off the ground. This makes starting a business simpler than ever for time strapped mums everywhere, who just want to provide for their family without spending too much time away from them.

At Fruit to Suit, we offer fantastic franchise opportunities for mums that will see them deliver high quality healthy snacks to primary and secondary schools across the country. Not only does this give mums the opportunity to run a business that easily fits in with school holidays and childcare commitments, but it also enables them to empower and educate children so that they can grow up to be healthy adults who are able to make good choices about food. To find out more about our franchise opportunities for mums, get in touch with us to start on your new career path today.