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Government aims to give pupils healthy meals

Ministers have recently been outlining its plans to provide all children with free lunches for their first three school years.

The details include £150m being set aside for the expansion of kitchens and dining rooms, but this is only one part of a £1bn package. The target is for every infant to have access to healthy food during each teaching day.

Small schools will all receive at least £3,000 to improve facilities, on top of which they will receive £2.30 a day for each child within the requisite age band.

Schools Minister, David Laws, said:

“With six months to go, we want to encourage all schools to step up their preparations and these extra measures will support them in doing so.”

He added that from pilot schemes, the Government knew that pupils who are offered universal school meals, which are free of charge, were more likely to be academically successful and to make healthier food choices.

Laws also said that parents are typically spending around £400 a year on lunches for a child, and so emphasised that there would be a financial benefit to the move as well. However, criticism by Labour centres upon the uncertainty of where this money will come from.

Childhood nutrition has been a major issue for some time now and there is a growing realisation that it is not just what children eat at home that is having an influence. Many are now looking into how to set up a school tuck shop in a bid to have a greater effect on kids’ nourishment.

Posted by Mark
April 11, 2014

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