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Health officials recommend common sense to tackle obesity problem

Serving meals to children on smaller plates is just one of the pieces of advice that has been given by Duncan Selbie, the head of Public Health England.

The health official said that using common sense could help to reduce the levels of child obesity in the UK.

Selbie highlighted the example set by a woman from Manchester, whose son had a problem with weight. His school bought smaller plates to serve meals on and, after losing weight, he is now top of his class.

According to Selbie, this solution was just one example of common sense. The health official spoke of the rising number of people with diabetes and said that figures may treble during the coming 20 years. He also mentioned the cost of drugs prescribed for the treatment and management of the disorder, saying that 45.1 million items had been prescribed for diabetes alone.

During the interview with the Telegraph, Selbie said that fizzy drinks should all be sugar free and alcohol should be subject to minimum pricing. Smoking was also discussed, with the official praising the proposed laws to prevent people smoking in cars where children were present. He believes that it is possible that laws will be introduced to stop smoking in homes where there are kids as well.

Schools play an active role in the health of children around the country, with initiatives like healthy meals and the introduction of nutritious snacks to school tuckshops. Merseyside is one of the regions taking part in the campaign to help children eat healthy options and reduce child obesity.

Posted by Susan
August 29, 2014

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