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Increase in food bank visits raise concern about children’s eating habits

According to a new report, the number of people seeking help from food banks in London has quadrupled in the past couple of years.

This is particularly concerning, as it implies that a great many more families are only just about managing to feed themselves. By and large, the cheapest food is often lacking in nutritional value.

At the very least, the increase implies that many are on a restricted diet, while diversity is said to be one of the key factors to healthy eating.

In 2011-12, 12,839 trips were made to Trussell Trust food banks situated in the capital, yet, in the current financial year, there have already been around 63,000 made during the first nine months.

A survey, carried out by the London Assembly Labour Group, also found that 78% of parents questioned were worried about the rising cost of food. The organisation is therefore calling for school meals to be free for every primary school child.

London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has previously said that he supports such plans and the writer of the report, Fiona Twycross, said it was time that the Mayor took action. Twycross went on to call it a scandal that so many could not afford to feed their families in these modern times.

This issue extends beyond those who are unable to feed their families and also includes those who can only afford cheap food, lacking in nutrition. A way that locals could help is by establishing healthy food tuckshops in the area. These could provide much needed nutrition to children as well as part-time franchise opportunities.

Posted by Mark
March 19, 2014

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